1. But you will remember me, remember me for centuries
    And just one mistake
    Is all it will take, we’ll go down in history
    Remember me for centuries

  2. nowyoukno:

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  3. suave-groudon:




    psst. whose next? send me an ask.

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  4. another-pokemon-kid:

    Pastel Background Pikachu [x] 

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  5. turntechnics:

     my acrylic charms arrived a while ago! I’m very pleased with the quality.

    so here they are! limited stock 1.5” pokemon charms, professionally printed on black acrylic. the first photo is the closest match to the actual color.

    these will soon be sold on my storenvy for $8 USD each and i’ll be doing a giveaway once the packaging arrives, so keep an eye out for the official opening! ;)

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  6. shiny-cradily:

    Groudon & Kyogre by request (x)

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  7. nintend-hoe-art:

    Gengar! (requested anonymously)

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  10. unfesant:

    #649: Genesect
    Specially made for genesects

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