1. nbchannibal:

    That time Will Graham real talked Chilton so hard.

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  2. …tô no trabalho esperando o feriado chegar.

  5. jonathanjo:

    The 26 Pokeballs that you should know

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  6. Hannibal: S02 E07 in a nutshell

    1. Will Graham: I'd like to resume my therapy.
    2. Hannibal Lecter: Where shall we begin?
    3. Fannibals: *screams into a pillow*
  7. nbchannibal:

    "I can’t see anything."

  8. madenbrookland:



    you would not believe how drunk I was last night to have made this

    that is so cool

    I watched them today lol

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  10. nbchannibal:

    I sowed the seeds and watched them grow.